I have taken excerpts from some of the over 50+ reviews. You can find the original reviews on

I have had the good fortune to have amazing clients as partners. It takes two to make the moment special. I have been so lucky to have some of the best! 

It is I that should thank them for sharing our experiences in the forum to offer their recommendations. I hope to see you soon and make our own special moments. 

Here are some highlights:


"...this was my birthday treat to myself, what would be better than seeing one beautiful woman, well seeing two of course!...I would spend some time with Beautiful Belle. I reached out to her and booking a session was quick and easy...Belle is the personification of her name, beautiful...Belle is so thoughtful and kind, she even had a piece of birthday cake for me! Totally unexpected but much appreciated.

When I got to Belle’s incall, she greeted me at the door in the dress I had requested...she looked stunning. She gave me a quick tour of her incall..

 then I headed into the bathroom for a quick shower. I came out of the shower and there she was, waiting for me on the bed in some sexy lingerie.

...We started off with some DFK, and I have to say, it’s obvious that Belle enjoys this very much. 

...From the time we got started, until the time we was a whirlwind of naughty, erotic, passion. Belle enjoys receiving as much as she enjoys giving, and boy does she enjoy giving. This experience ranks right up there with some of my very best.

I definitely want a repeat visit with Belle. " - Sparky7642, 06/06/21


"This woman has left me speechless from the moment I walked in the door. I had an awesome hour with her. Belle was mature and easy going. We got along so well...Our session together was hot, Belle has completely drained me. I can't wait to see her again. I will be a regular!" - Sam_sam, 05/26/21


"Had the opportunity to visit with Ms Belle when she her location was in the SW...super lady with awesome services. Communication and incall were great and the session was as most have described about her in previous reviews..." - Babylon, 03/11/21


"...Best session ever!...I enjoyed every second with Belle, she is so her natural glory she is one of the most beautiful women I've ever met, that's when I appreciate her beauty the best. Because she is real, her personality, professionalism, attention to detail and sincere care giving, everything about her shines in brilliance. Belle is just an amazing fantastic woman. Make a point to meet her, you won't regret it. She is what dreams are made of.
Thank you Belle, more than you know." - HBfifty1, 02/27/21


"Had a wonderful appointment with Belle...nice condo with a stunning view of DT, cozy playroom and clean bathroom already make you comfortable...Belle would be the MILF that came to your was the best bj and rim job I've ever turns me on while I am writing this. I felt it was even better than a full service. Totally worth it. Thank you, Belle!" - arieslee, 02/23/21


"...only one word to describe is super amazing. We start off with a lot of kissing and then the rest is fantasy of mine...condo is super nice and comfortable...she is the one I will repeat. Treat her nice and you will get your reward." - baggio8828, 02/06/21


"F**k me, gentleman. What a sweetheart. An absolute jewel of a provider. I sincerely appreciate and really only look to see SP's that are "real", and Belle absolutely is. Go have some fun!" - MrHough5119, 02/01/21


"I had the chance to see Belle her new condo in Bridgeland...Let me say that its a very nice spot...Would love to see the place at night as it would have a spectacular view of the city. Our afternoon appointment started with some chatting, did a quick tour...and shower...I have to say that she's got a great vibe. As a spinner and more mature MILF, she's got alot of tricks up her sleeve and definitely knows how to please and be pleased. A fan fucking great time. Belle is super chill, and was never rushed. We have now had several sessions together and none have been dull or repetitive. Wont get into details but honestly was just crazy ass great sex. Definitely a two thumbs up. Treat her well gents!" - Luv2hobby, 01/25/21


"Another drop in the bucket of positive reviews for BeautifulBelle...

 BeautifulBelle's mountain of glowing reviews told me she was the one I had to see. She was easy to reach via text and we had set up an time and date...

When the date came, she checked that everything was still good to go and provided me with the necessary information to find her place. It was a quiet area with parking...I was greeted with a warm and positive attitude...When I cleaned up and walked into her room, Belle was waiting...and helped me settle my nerves. She eased me into a state or relaxation... I decided to take some charge and return the favor...This lead me to experience a moist shock to my face which I have never had before...damn does she have a reservoir in her. Belle

then put her mouth to work and it blew my mind. I've read reviews of her magical bbbj skills but this was on a whole new level for me. My head was up on cloud 9 afterwards.

... I can boldly admit that after what Belle put me through, my little guy wouldn't march for me. Belle took charge again and right on command, he was back up and listening to Belle's oral orders. She is incredible at what she does and what she does is fucking excellent.

... there was no rush to get me out the door...fresh towel for the shower and a bit more chatting revealed she will have a second location more central...She is definitely worth the drive across town and if she sets up shop closer to you then I ask you, 'What else is holding you back?'" - DillWithIt, 01/18/21


 "...I decided I would just jump in with both feet and reached out to BeautifulBelle. She was also awesome helping a new guy get set up and a few hours later I was sitting at her place. Her incall was easy to get to and was nice and cozy. She offered me a drink and we chatted... We actually talked well past what we should have and were a ways behind schedule...Belle was very accommodating and did not seem bothered by this at all. After a quick shower I was entirely unprepared for the session...It was amazing...I really felt she was genuine...I was able to completely check out and enjoy it...we went 30 min over time and while she said she was OK with that, I was equally OK with making it right. 10/10 will absolutely repeat" - Cochon, 01/13/21


"Belle has been on my list to do for some time...finally checked off that box. This girl is absolutely amazing, she looks like her pictures and delivers all that is promissed...Belle gave me that connection or chemistry that we look for in this hobby...My only regret is not seeing her sooner but that could have been financially devistating. Will i see her again? You know it...I will be fully hydrated and well rested with nothing on my schedule for the next day or so." - Hobbiest, 01/04/21


"...Beautiful Belle - A new addition to CAF and easily a nomination for the all star team. Belle is a wonderful lady; sexy, skilled and smart. We have had a number of first class sessions and they just keep getting better!...this gal has it going on for sure." - GCharles, 01/01/21


'Hey all...Had a great quick late night session with Beautiful Belle. Sent her a text in the evening...she responded promptly with everything I needed...she invited me over the very same night, making time for me. We had a very hot little bbbj/cof session...Thnx again. Recommended." -  thinna_6 , 01/01/21


"... lucky enough to see to Belle on multiple occasions and each time I left with a big smile on my face... The set up process, the energy, the conversation and even her incall are just impeccable...wants to see her clients have a great time... lucky to have her around in our midst, so if you have been a fence sitter all this while trust me and just go for it...Thanks a ton Belle...." - Hellraiser92, 11/09/2020


"...I had the opportunity to see Belle again....needed another visit to continue to get to know and enjoy the experience with Belle...was extremely accommodating.. switched up her schedule slightly in order to see me....this small gesture made me even more excited to start the session...Belle is stunning and the service is spectacular...We are lucky to have her in our city!" - Capp16, 11/01/2020


"...had the lovely experience of meeting BeautifulBelle...I've never visited a provider more than once. She's going to be a first for me.. excellent skills, great menu, and a banging bod. You Calgary gents are lucky!" - Jetmovin, 10/22/2020


"Found my way to Calgary back in September...after doing some extensive research on a sexy provider...I settled on Beautiful Belle...she was great...Fantastic sex...I mean truly amazing, mind blowing sex! What Belle and I experienced...was quite amazing....Once we got naked we both enjoyed many different pleasurable things...Thank you Belle for the incredible night! Can’t wait to return to Calgary for all the wrong reasons, lol!" - Garryedmon, 10/06/2020


"Beautiful Belle, put frankly, is possibly the absolute best person you can see...first impression of her, through our text messages, really put me at ease...There was such a good vibe right off the bat through the text messages that both made me feel excited and worried (have been burned before by a false good vibe)...The moment I got to the door, I could tell, she absolutely listens to you...She was stunning and radiating friendliness and sexual energy! has been over 2 weeks and I still can't get her out of my mind. There are few experiences in my life that I have found astonishingly memorable...being with her will be ingrained in my mind for the rest of my life...she made me feel like I was the best...
...Belle represents the best of the industry. She hides nothing, is completely honest...and will make you feel everything you wish to feel...If repeat business is the litmus test to see if an SP is worth your time and money...I will be going back to see her for as long as she lets me." - Sblack, 09/08/2020


"I immediately took notice of her nice body...we got into the bedroom she told me to comfortable...She returned with a sexy sexy purple lingerie that showed off her killer body. Her waist line is out of this world and her tanned skin was just perfect...Her bbbj is out of this world deepthroating it as far as she can...After everything was done we cuddled up and chatted...Belle took me to another place today and I am still on cloud 9.... She's that good..." - Good_n_clean, 09/10/2020


"...met up with BeautifulBelle - it was everything I hoped for...She is incredibly intelligent, witty, sexy, reactive and attentive. process was painless...Her incall was clean and inviting - we had simply a great time...She is certainly not a clock watcher and genuinely seemed to enjoy our time together....I would whole heartedly recommend her and I will be back again in the future..." - Whobdat, 07/30/2020


"...had the pleasure to see Belle...was easy to set up...She is a wonderful person, who brings laughs, pleasure and excitement to the time you spend with her...had a great time..." - Jahobo, 07/07/2020

" are accurate...very petite and slim...She is super easy to talk to and definitely not a clock watcher...I will say that our encounter had a level of unbridled passion that I was not previously familiar with....I will be back once I recover." - Bigwavedave, 07/07/2020

"...Communication was super easy and set up was even easier.. shes a gorgeous gal...really takes pride in giving you what you want..she's an absolute sweetheart and I can't wait to see her again. Thanks Belle!" - Gentleman37, 06/26/2020